What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a painful condition that occurs when the sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower back and down each leg, becomes irritated or injured. Sciatic nerve pain can sometimes be excruciating, often starting in your low back and radiating all the way past your knee.

What causes Sciatica? What about back pain causes?

Some of the common causes of back pain and sciatica are:
  • Scoliosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Herniated Disc
  • Degenerative Disc Disease

Regardless of what is causing your back or sciatic pain, we’re glad you found us. When it comes to your health care, you have options and this may just be the right option for you!

Why settle for just giving you a few testimonials when we can show you HUNDREDS of results?

We could provide you with testimonials from all of the patients we’ve helped or we could let the numbers from our recent patient follow up survey speak for themselves!When we analyzed the data of the last 400 patients being treated for different types of pain who completed our pharmacy’s follow up survey, we were absolutely AMAZED by the results!Of the 400 patients surveyed, 82% responded reporting that they felt AT LEAST moderately satisfied OR BETTER with the formula they were prescribed for their pain.Just take a look at a more detailed breakdown of those responses!
  • 18.3% of patients reported being EXTREMELY SATISFIED!
  • 42.7% of patients reported being VERY SATISFIED!
  • 20.7% of patients reported being moderately satisfied!
That means 61% of the patients who responded to our follow up survey reported being EXTREMELY SATISIFIED or VERY SATISFIED with the pain solution they were prescribed.

Right now you might be thinking “But these patients could just have minor back aches and pains, I am experiencing SERIOUS pain and need help NOW!”

These patients were not just suffering from some minor aches and pains! 80% of the patients surveyed reported that their average daily pain level was 6 out of 10 or higher BEFORE using their prescribed pain solution.

Are you wondering how long it will take to start feeling a reduction in your pain?

Results can vary but many patients reported feeling a significant reduction in their pain within JUST DAYS. Some patients even reported feeling a reduction in their pain within JUST MINUTES!

Are you tired of experiencing back pain & sciatica symptoms like these ones?

  • PAIN – simply while sitting in your chair reading this?
  • DISCOMFORT – just by adjusting your chair or seating position?
  • STIFFNESS – that keeps you from doing the activities you love.
Are you tired of your chronic back or sciatic pain? Are you wondering if it will EVER get better?

Stop wondering if it will ever get better …
… and start on the road to FEELING BETTER!

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Have you ever been prescribed oral painkillers or other oral medications as part of your back pain or sciatica treatment?

When you take a medication by mouth, here’s what happens:

  • First, you have to swallow it.
  • Then, it goes to the stomach to be dissolved – and there it has the potential to cause unwanted side-effects.
  • From the stomach, all medicines taken by mouth go next to the liver to be metabolized (further breakdown) – some medicines like acetaminophen are known to be really hard on the liver and can actually cause severe liver damage.
  • From the liver, the medicine is finally delivered through the blood stream to the rest of the body where it can also cause additional unwanted side-effects like drowsiness.

Here’s what CAN happen:

  • When taking a medicine by mouth, it can take hours for your body to complete the process and during that time you are left waiting for the relief you need.
  • When prescribed a controlled substance or narcotic, even patients that strictly take their medications as directed have been known to become dependent or even addicted to their medicine.
  • An additional problem with taking your pain medication by mouth is that a little bit goes everywhere. This is unnecessary, when you could be delivering the majority of the medicine directly to where you need it most.

Now that you’ve been familiarized with the basics, let’s talk about our recommendations and secrets to successfully treating your back pain or sciatica pain!

By trying one of the CUSTOM TRANSDERMAL GELS that our pharmacy has developed, you can say no to discomfort, stiffness, aches and PAIN and say YES to FEELING BETTER.Using a CUSTOM TRANSDERMAL GEL is simple and, unlike most products on the market, it can target the pain right where you’re experiencing it.Instead of taking a medication by mouth and involving the long process described above, our “secret” is to take the same medications that your doctor may have prescribed to you in the past- but rather than taking them by mouth- we compound the medication into a Transdermal (through-the-skin) Gel.With this option you are able to bypass the stomach and the liver and avoid delivering a little bit of the medication everywhere throughout the body.This allows you to apply the medication right where you need it most – where you hurt!


  • Avoidance of GI Tract.
  • Don’t have to wait long for the drug to dissolve.
  • Don’t have to worry about stomach irritation.
  • Avoidance of liver metabolism and toxicity.
Less chance for systemic (body-wide) side effects or drug interactions.
A review article on Transdermal Drug Delivery in the prestigious medical journal, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, which was written way back in 1995 concluded that, “Transdermal drug regimens are safe and effective. They provide clinicians the opportunity to offer more therapeutic options to their patients to optimize their care”.

The advantages to using a Custom Transdermal Gel are numerous and unique to every patient.


Don’t wait any longer to get your CUSTOM TRANSDERMAL GEL

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Using a CUSTOM TRANSDERMAL GEL involves just ONE simple step!

1. Gently apply the gel to the affected area and take a minute to rub it in well!Wait a MINUTE – yes, just a MINUTE. That’s how quickly some patients report relief from their symptoms.And that’s it! Who ever thought that relieving chronic back and sciatic pain could be this simple and this effective?

We want you to have all the facts so that you can make an informed decision about YOUR health care.

At our pharmacy, we care about YOU. We always want to make sure that we are completely honest and provide you with full disclosure.Here are some important facts we want to share with you so that you can make an informed decision about YOUR health care:

  • FACT: Most pain relief products on the market are not designed to TARGET LOCALIZED PAIN and provide you with QUICK RELIEF.
  • FACT: When you see the term “significant pain relief” used in pain research studies this is usually defined as a 30% reduction in pain. At our pharmacy, when we say “significant pain relief”, our personal definition is that this means a 50% REDUCTION in pain. We aren’t satisfied unless you respond and tell us that your custom-compounded gel lowered your pain by AT LEAST 50%. We feel that EVERYONE suffering from Osteoarthritis pain, or any type of pain for that matter, deserves to experience SIGNIFICANT PAIN RELIEF.
Have you been prescribed narcotic painkillers or oral medications to help treat your pain? Did none of those options worked well? Do you feel like you’re out of options to try? Maybe you’ve even resigned yourself to living a life of constant, debilitating chronic pain that just refuses to get better?

Don’t give up. We’re here to help you. Try our solution for your back pain and sciatic pain.

Are you saying to yourself right now, “I’ve tried other pain relief gels and they didn’t work.”? Don’t worry! We are so confident that a custom transdermal gel will help you that we provide a 100% guarantee.*
*Unfortunately due to insurance company regulations we are unable to include insurance co-pays in this guarantee.

What sets us apart from your local pharmacy?

Owner and head pharmacist, Scott Wepfer, is nationally recognized as a leader in the field of pharmacy compounding. Not only is he a full fellow of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists, but his pharmacy was also the first PCAB-Accredited compounding pharmacy in the US. Scott says, “the amount of time I’ve invested in researching our different custom transdermal gel formulations has definitely paid off in the amazing results so many of our patients are reporting.”

Are you wondering what compounding is?

Good question! Compounding is a specialty field within pharmacy where a pharmacist custom-makes or “compounds” medications based on a prescription order from your doctor.

How’s this for amazing patient care?

We told you earlier about our patient follow up survey. In that survey 82% of patients reported feeling at least moderately satisfied OR BETTER with the formula they were prescribed for their chronic pain.We didn’t forget about those who didn’t get the relief they had hoped for.ANYONE who reported being moderately satisfied, slightly satisfied or not at all satisfied each received a personal e-mail OR telephone call from one of our clinical pharmacists to help these patients maximize the benefits of their prescribed formula.


You have NOTHING to lose. We are confident that our Custom Transdermal Gels will help you, but if you’re not happy with your results, we will cheerfully and quickly refund 100% of your money.
*Unfortunately due to insurance company regulations we are unable to include insurance co-pays in this guarantee.
Say NO to:
  • PAIN – in your back, sometimes shooting all the way down your leg.
  • DISCOMFORT – that just refuses to go away.
  • Not being able to enjoy the activities that you love.
Say YES to:
  • Living a life with significantly less pain.
  • Returning to the activities you love.
  • Feeling energetic and living your life to the FULLEST.

Don’t wait to GET STARTED

- Here’s what to do…We’ve created a simple form for you to fill out that provides our clinical pharmacists with the information they need to request a prescription from your doctor for the best Custom Transdermal Gel based on what type of pain you are experiencing. When we receive the approval from your doctor, we will call you to discuss your cost for the medication. Then, if and only if you give us your final approval, we’ll get your prescription filled and sent out to you via free shipping.
DON’T FORGET: You have options when it comes to your personal health care, and this might just be the right option for you!Only you can choose to say yes to a Custom Transdermal Gel.


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